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I write lyrics for my band... but I dont think they're too good, but anywayz, just read them & post ur thoughts on the message board... ;o)


Verse 1-
I feel the anger breaking down my tears
Water from my eyes burning my skin
The possessions that I once held dear
Are tearing me apart within

The demonic forces that are bringing me down
It Fits my fate I belong in hell
Silent tearsI cant make a sound

And whatever may come out of this
Im sure isnt for the best
Stab me in the back and leave me to die
Make me suffer for the forgivable white lies
Punish myself for things I never did
I blame someone else for the shit
I caused myself pain for nothing

Verse 2-
I feel the anger rising above my control
Rage and pain a deadly mix
The conscience that I once owned
Broke me till there was nothing left to fix

Pre 2-
The gravity that keeps pulling me down
Keeps me grounded and stuck where I am
Silent calls out dont make a sound

I hid the truth from me
I knew it all along but I fooled myself
To believe what I wanted to believe
Why was I crying when I should be mad?
Ive given myself grief and Ive taken
just about all I could have