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Just some shit that I found out...

My home town [Luton] officially kicks ass!

Ok yeah, I never thought Id live the day to hear myself say that, but Ive just found out a whole bunch of FACTS that prove that this hell town is actually quite decent

  1. Charles Bronson [Yes, Britains most notorious prisoner] Is from the same area in Luton as me!
  2. Hes recently married a Luton girl and has a step daughter who says "My daddy is a very nice man" riiiight, like a bad guy could be a nice guymakes sense to me!
  3. Martin Smith, 32, and Simon Philbert, 27, who work under the stage names of Life and Phi, opened the glitzy Earls Court show as part of the chart topping outfit Gorillaz! Theyre also from the same area in Luton as me!
  4. Simon "Phi" Philbert went to my school! [Lea Manor High School]
  5. You know that singer, Dido? Shes got extended family in Luton!
  6. The Bombfunk MCs used to live and work here!
  7. About a year ago, Madonna was rumoured to be buying a house in the suburbs of North Luton [I live in the suburbs of N. Luton!] because its only minutes away from London!
  8. My band is from Luton and we hope to be big sometime in the future! Bah, well be the ones laughing when were rolling around in money while ur still living in your mums house!

This place generally sux, but Ive lived here all my life and yeah, I dream of moving outta this country in a year or so but till then I guess I can live with all of the above!

** SPANK **   -BC-