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... Why??

"You cannot beat the power of Randomisationalismisticality..." wth?! Was I drunk when I made this page?? Blah.

I have no idea why this page is even here. I think it may have been created purely out of boredom at college. Either way its really stupid and pointless, so as soon as I can think of something better to replace this with I'll do it. Any ideas? hehe I thought as much. Perhaps I'll have an MTM2 only page and a 4x4 Evo page. Well as soon as I'm able to play evo [meaning as soon as I get a better computer!] I might create that page.

Maybe this page can be just for my MP3's, and the other downloads page for... other downloads... Nah. I'll probably have a second pics page due to the first and original page being overloaded. Basically it'll take less time to load if I even it all out a little.

I think I have a better idea! *tube light flashing on* hmmm yeah I think thats worthy of this page! =P Check back in a little while to see what I've done...

** u SuCK! **