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"Its how I am Im not afraid to be me. If u dun like it, fight me!"

Wot duz it feel like 2 b surrounded by all these guys?

"Haha! Its gr8 cuz u get da vital input from da opposite sex, they give gr8 advice but they cant show their emotions much cuz they wanna keep dat whole macho rep like "Im a big strong man & I know everything blah blah blah!" I guess who I chill with intimidate others I cant think why!

Do u feel pressurised to be "1 of the guys"?

No way!!! Ive known mosta them 4 time! I woz brought up 2 b open minded & accepting, so I dun judge ppl, or feel like I gotta b a certain way 2 fit in. Itz how I woz made I listen 2 heavy metal but my girl m8z dun like dat. I sk8board, my girl m8z dun like dat eitha. Itz how I am Im not afraid 2 b me. If u dun like it, fight me & well see wot happens! Im not bout 2 change, Im 2 stubborn. If ppl dun like me then I dun give a fuck, long as they dun botha me itz cool. In a way itz OK cuz I get da best of both worlds, without NE of da shit datz tied in! Im a real girly girl 2, I luv gettin all dressed up 4 a girly night out. Im real mixed up huh?

So u maintain ur feminine side too?

Hell yeah hehe! When Im wit my girlz Itz different. I grew up hangin out wit my da guyz till I woz bout 8. I had my girly friends 2, but I guess I woz set in my ways. Ive got my girly giggles & I love talkin bout how cute guyz r! Haha da only problem, is when one of my girl m8z wants me 2 ask out a guy 4 her thatz jus bah! Im a girl wit a bunch of guyz but Im still powerful & my opinions do count.


Are u annoyed by ppls opinions bout u?

Honestly? Yeah. Haha, Im 1 of those ppl who seem like they can take all da insults u throw, but fuck no! When ppl call me a fuckin bitch or woteva Im just like "yeah I am" & dat seems 2 stop em! Ive learnt 2 deal wit it & it duz still hurt but I dun need ppl like dat Obviously they got a problem or they wudnt take da time 2 h8 me, rite?

Why do they call u that?

Jealousy?!?!? Haha prolly not hehe! Ive got a hellova lotta enemies all ova da place! Man they h8 me! They dun realise dat I dun care now. I think itz cuz Im alwayz wit my guys! I cant help it, theyre my m8z & if ppl dun like my choice of m8z then fuck em! As long as they stay outta my way then they wont get a beating, dats how I see it.

Binis Final Thought:

Im not Jerry Springer! Uhhh, accept others 4 who they r, dun make em change 4 ya cuz then theyll eitha h8 u, run u ova wit a truck or u get da point!

** SPANK **   -BC-