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About Me


Here's more than what you probably want to know about me...!

Name: Bini Chohan
Home: Luton, England [UK]
B'day: May 10th 1986
Music: Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Incubus & Creed
Food: Chinese food & I loooove ice cream...yummy!
Movies: Scary movie, Road trip, Fight club & American Pie
Hates: Liars, hypocrites, prejudice and mushrooms!
Likes: Linkin Park, Jackass, WWF, South Park & chocolate!
Other: The most funniest thing I've ever heard was when my
friend Joe said to me "That fat guy has bigger boobs
than me!"


The revenge thing was going quite well till SOMEONE let the crocodile out of the bag [mentioning no names] Jack... ur gonna die a slow and very painful death haha! The Junior Sports and Leadership Awards have been taking up most of my time along with school, the band, friends [WE NEED A NAME!] and a whole loada other crap too ;o)
Just like to say hey to mah best mate Kay, you can make it, we're all here for you! Well right now I really cant be asked to type any more so I'll see ya later! ;o)