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This interview is not for the eyes of anyone who is easily shocked...!

Wow, its been a month already!

J: Yeah, weve been through quite a few changes
STEVE: Got a wicked paid gig, and they want us back there every weekend!
BINI: J lost his voice haha
D: Yeah he sounded like that guy from scream!
J: Bini did a good job taking my place though
BINI: I was so fuckin scared! My place is just singin but then I had to do the rapping too
MAX: You were better than J, I think you should replace him
STEVE: Whos gonna be Bini is shes J?
MAX: J can be Dylan, Dylan can be me, I can be Steve
BINI: Grrr.
D: haha Binis getting impatient! We better get straight to the point yeah?
J: My voice is back, and Bini aint replacing me, she does a great job as the singer
BINI: Could we PLEASE stop talkin bout me?
STEVE: yeah shes self conscious right now

Who did you spend Valentines day with?

MAX: I was with a special nobody called Anne No-one
STEVE: Your imaginary lover eh? Haha
J: He was probably masturbating
BINI: Hahahaha nothing different from any other day then!!
D: haha I was with my girl of course
J: Hows your mum, D? I havent seen her since last night
BINI: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
STEVE: Ah shiiiiit, here we go again!
MAX: You guys aint said who you were with
STEVE: My girl and your mum you dumbass. I know Bini was with Tony the whole day.
BINI: No comment!
D: Yeah, what were you to up to?
MAX: I know, I know! [Jumps up and down]
BINI: Oh gawd.
J: I was leaving Dylans mums house at bout 8.30pm when you got home, then you went out again.
BINI: Yeah I know. Spent the night over at his.
STEVE: Bini was he better than me? Hahaha
BINI: Haha Steve youre a slut. Youd hump a tree if nobody was looking!
J: hahaha she got you there!
D: Hey J, just called my mum & she told me to tell you not to attack the dog again. She had to take it to the vet! Poor pooch was traumatised! What did you do to him?
STEVE: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! [Punches J] you daaawg!
BINI: Oooh that sounds KINKY!

What band do you hate the most?

BINI: NSTINK & Westlife! One of my friends loves them so much! Im constantly taking the piss outta her for that and she gets so annoyed!
D: Id have to agree with you there! I cant stand Backstreet Boys either.
BINI: You know what?
BINI: Ooh, surround sound! I used to be a huge fan of them.
BINI: Hey Mikey!
MIKE: Yo [hugs Bini]
STEVE: Where ya been?
MIKE: I went out, then I got home and I was like oh shit, I gotta be here then I went for a piss.
D: what was the question again?
MAX: What band do ya hate?
MIKE: O TOWN really gets my goat. I fuckin wanna smash up the TV when theyre on.
MAX: Oh yeah, theyre a bunch of faggots. Look at them tryin to act all cool with those crappy acoustic guitars!
BINI: That Jacob guy is kinda cute tho. Well he was until he grew his dreads longer.
STEVE: [Imitating Bini] Jacob is soooo cute! I wanna run my hand through his hair and hug him and kiss him haha
D: [In Binis defence] Dude, Steves a fuckin fudge packer!
J: Haha at last hes revealed his true identity, muahaha
BINI: Freaks.

What have you been up to since the last interview?

BINI: I wrote a few more songs, but weve been so busy with our own stuff to actually get the music side of it sorted!
J: Ive read through them and theyre pretty good.
STEVE: I cant do anything until Max and Mike sort out the guitars.
MAX: Hey man were waiting for Dylan to get the samples!
MIKE: No were not. Im waiting for you because youre too damn lazy!
MAX: And youre not?
D: Chill guys. We gotta get together soon to sort this out yeah?
BINI: Im free on Tuesdays. What about you guys?
J: You sure that Tony wont surprise you with yet another date?
BINI: What the fuck is your problem?
J: Youre spending too much time with him and not with us
D: J, She took your place when your voice was too fucked to even talk
STEVE: Yeah she had to put in extra practice to learn all your lines and she writes the songs!
J: Shes hardly here to rehearse with us though!
BINI: Fuck you, Im the fuckin manager, Im the songwriter, I arrange the sessions in the studio, dont accuse me of not being around because its so fuckin blatant that Ive got other shit to do as well!
MAX: [To interviewer] Its gonna get real bad around here. You better stop the interview!

In this interview we have A LOT of arguing, O-Town, dogs, mums, Valentines Day, fudge packing and smashing up TVs! Till next month see ya!

-Brought to you by the band and Kay C-