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Got any half decent sites u want everyone to know about? send them in to BC@signmyband.com and I'll review them and if you're lucky enough I'll probably post it!

But in the mean time heres some sites I think are kinda cool...

Download music, films, software, images & whatever u want by using this program! u can pause, stop AND accelerate ur downloads, share them with other people & chat with other users! You can also organise your media files... & its easy to use!

Play hundreds of games online for free, chat, win loadsa stuff & more... did i mention its free? u can also catch me in Monster Truck Madness 2 probably chatting away in main & occationally getting my ass kicked when im in the mood... ;D

Ok yeah, they're my fave band so its bound to be my one of my fave sites [do the math!] check out the message board, pop into the Lyricist corner & you'll probably see some of my work! If u like it, sign up [free] & comment on them! C'mon... I'd like to know what u really think!